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Here, we unveil a world of possibilities tailored to your needs. Discover the full spectrum of services we offer, each crafted to provide you with excellence, satisfaction, and a touch of magic.

All our services at a glance

This is your one-stop resource to explore the full spectrum of solutions we provide. We provide a clear understanding of how we can transform your pool dreams into a stunning, hassle-free reality. It’s a quick and convenient way to discover all the possibilities awaiting you with.

Pool Installation

Our pool installation transforms fantasies into shimmering realities. Bring aquatic elegance to your own oasis.

Pool Opening/Closing

Book your hassle-free pool opening or closing with us for a smooth transition from season to season.

Pool Automation

Upgrade your pool experience with smart automation! Effortlessly control lights, temperature, and more from your fingertips.

Pool Maintenance

Revitalize your pool with our maintenance magic! From balancing chemicals to spotless cleaning, we ensure your aquatic paradise is always in top form.

Pool Repairs

Turn pool setbacks into comebacks! Our staff work magic on every issue, restoring your aquatic paradise to its full splendor. Dive in confidently

Vinyl Liner Replacements

Renew your pool with a new vinyl liner! Dive into a vibrant transformation that adds a touch of sophistication to your aquatic getaway.

Pool Installation

Our seamless pool installation is the pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation. Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the installation process is carried out precisely, resulting in a refreshing retreat tailored to your specific lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a pool that meets, if not exceeds, your expectations.

Pool Repairs

Don’t let pool issues dampen your fun! Our skilled technicians specialize in efficient and effective pool repairs, bringing back the sparkle to your oasis in no time.

Why worry...

We understand that every splash should be free of worry. Our expert pool repair services are intended to keep your aquatic haven in tip-top shape. Our skilled technicians are ready to dive in and restore your pool to its optimal state, whether it’s a leaky liner, malfunctioning equipment, or general wear and tear. Trust us for prompt, dependable, and professional pool repairs that keep your oasis a source of joy and relaxation.

Pool Automation

Experience the magic of hands-free pool management with our advanced automation systems. Dive into the future, where your pool responds to your every whim, creating a customized aquatic haven.

Ready to step up ?

The majority of newly constructed pools in the New York City area are seamlessly controlled by sophisticated automation. Consider incorporating a pool automation system into your outdoor oasis. Experience increased convenience and operational ease by managing pool functions with the touch of a smartphone, eliminating the need to physically access control switches. Join our satisfied customers in enjoying the enhanced pool automation experience.

Is it Outdated?

Should your current automation system be outdated, Emmanuel Pools, LLC is your reliable New York City partner. We are known for our expertise in the seamless installation and programming of cutting-edge automation. Whether you prefer Hayward or Pentair, rest assured that we have your pool’s technological upgrade covered. Our professional touch and cutting-edge solutions will elevate your aquatic experience.

Pool Opening/Closing

Experience the magic of a refreshed pool! Our opening and closing services keep your aquatic haven vibrant and ready for every season’s splash.

Seamless Pool Transitions,
Every Season...

Our dedication goes beyond pool installation, repairs, and automation. We also care about your seamless transition year-round. We’re your trusted partners in maintaining the magic of your aquatic haven, from the first splash of summer to the cozy winter rest. Make every pool season a celebration by booking with us.

Pool Maintenance

Our magic touch will revitalize your pool. We ensure that your aquatic paradise is always in tip-top shape, from chemical balance to spotless cleaning.

Forever Sparkles...

With our comprehensive pool maintenance services, you can enjoy carefree pool ownership. We guarantee more than just a clean pool; we promise a sparkling oasis that is stress-free and ready for relaxation. Our team handles all aspects of maintenance, so you can relax and enjoy yourself without worry. With our expert touch, you can enjoy the ease of worry-free pool ownership.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Improve the look of your pool! Our vinyl liner replacements combine durability and beauty, making every splash a focal point in your backyard oasis.

Unleashed Vinyl Elegance

Our vinyl liner replacements, is a hallmark of our pool construction expertise, will transform your pool into a captivating oasis. Aside from functionality, these replacements serve as a blank canvas for personal expression. Choose from a variety of designs, patterns, and colors to create a pool that reflects your personality and preferences.

Your Pool, Your Way

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a private oasis of relaxation and fun? The time to transform your outdoor space with a stunning pool is now. Schedule Your Pool Construction Consultation and Let’s Begin!